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      Product Name: Fiberglass Yarn

      Release Date: 2018-01-22

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      1. Fiberglass Yarn is made of fiberglass roving whose filament diameter is 6~9um by twisting in Z or S direction. The fiberglass yarn is produced as the International Standard. The following is the information in detail for reference:
      Filament Diameter British Standard  Tex
      The Metric System
      Chinese Standard
      5.6~6um 900 5.6~6 Tex 160 strands
      5.6~6um 450 11.2~12 Tex 80strands
      7~9um 225 22.5 Tex 45strands
      7~9um 150 33 Tex EC933 30strands/933
      7~9um 75 68 Tex EC968 15strands/968
      7~9um 37 136 Tex 7.5strands
      a. Single-end, 1/0, Z twist, 28~45 times per meter.
      Multi-ends, 1/2, 1/3, 2/2 or 2/3, S twist, 100~150times per meter.
      b. Sizing: paraffin, silane or starch
      c. Fiberglass yarn with paper core, 500g/bobbin or 2.5kg/bobbin.
      Fiberglass yarn with plastic core, 3.5kg/bobbin or 8kg/bobbin .
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