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      Product Name: Para-aramid Filament Sewing Thread

      Release Date: 2019-08-27

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      Para-aramid Filament Sewing Thread 

      It is made of para-aramid filament by twisting.
      Specification: 200D/3、400 D/3、840 D/2、840D/3、1000 D/2、1000 D/3、1500 D/2、1500D/3
      1. Good mechanical
      2. Excellent flame retardant, heat resistance
      3. Will not continue to burn when leave the flame. In 250℃ conditions, can be used continuously; Above 250℃, can still maintain high strength; Above 370℃, will carbonize.
      4. Stable chemical properties, excellent radiation resistance
      5. Durability -- 85% of the original strength can be achieved after 100 times of washing

      Product Name Para-aramid Sewing Thread
      Thickness(mm) 0.16~ 0.85mm
      Material 1414 aramid
      Color Light yellow
      Strength 10~96kg
      Elongation(%) 3.5
      Weight/reel 100g, 200g, 1000g, 5000g

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