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      Product Name: Polyimide Fiber Needled Felt

      Release Date: 2019-10-04

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      Polyimide Fiber Needled Felt

      This is made of polyimide fibers mechanically loosened, carded, felted and needled into shape. Product thickness 1~25mm, limiting oxygen index 38. With outstanding high and low temperature resistance, refractory, electrical insulation and radiation resistance, it has been widely used in iron and steel blast furnace gas purification, calcium carbide furnace dust collection, coal-fired boilers in power stations, urban waste incinerator and other industrial high-temperature flue gas filtration.
      Filtration performance: it can be used continuously under 260℃, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 280℃ (less than 200 hours accumulatively per year);The water vapor volume ratio (Vol) is less than 35%. It is recommended that the volume specific content of oxygen (Vol) and nitrogen oxide (NOX) in flue gas should be less than 16% and 600mg/Nm3. Sulfur oxide (SOX) will reduce the life of the filter material. The content of sulfur oxide is recommended to be less than 700mg/Nm3.

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