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      Product Name: PP Thermoplastic Woven Fabric

      Release Date: 2018-09-25

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      Product Details

      PP Thermoplastic Woven Fabric
      It’s one kind of reinforcement woven fabric made of PP thermoplastic yarn with 40%PP content and 60%Fiberglass content. The product is suitable for mold pressing, roller pressing,vacuum molding and more. The applications of this product include aerospace,automotive,construction,sports and energy industry.

      Item Area Weight(g/㎡) Width(mm) Fabric Fabric Color
      Compofil-PP-60-P-500-2800N 500 2800 Plain White
      Compofil-PP-60-P-750-2800N 750 2800 Plain White
      Compofil-PP-60-P-980-2800N 980 2800 Twill White
      Compofil-PP-60-P-1500-2800N 1500 2800 Twill White

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