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What factors need to be considered when pasting glass fiber cloth on the exterior wall insulation wall?

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The key technical factors to be considered when pasting glass fiber cloth on the external thermal insulation wall of the external wall are:

(1) On the premise of protecting the insulation layer, make the external insulation system form a whole, transfer the load agent of the facing brick facing layer, improve the strength of the glass fiber cloth pasted on the base course, and meet the requirements of the standard;

(2) It is necessary to consider the matching of the compression ratio, bonding strength, weather resistance stability and other indicators of the external insulation materials, as well as the material deformation of the entire external insulation system, to release and absorb thermal stress or other stresses;

(3) The impermeability of glass fiber cloth external thermal insulation material and the respiration and vapor permeability of the thermal insulation system shall be considered to avoid the falling of tiles due to freeze-thaw damage;

(4) The fire protection rating of the external insulation system shall be improved to avoid the occurrence of cavities after accidents such as fire. After the external insulation system loses its integrity, the brick facing will collapse in a large area under the influence of gravity;

(5) It is necessary to improve the seismic and wind pressure resistance of the external insulation system, and reduce the huge damage of the external insulation system caused by the horizontal force.

Facing brick facing layer is a widely used decoration method in domestic buildings. Because the output of building ceramics in China ranks first in the world, and the face brick decoration has the advantages of better stain resistance and color durability than the paint decoration, the proportion of domestic buildings using face bricks as external decoration is quite high. Based on this situation, it is necessary to develop a unique new technology of pasting face bricks on the external thermal insulation facing layer of exterior walls in China.


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