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Product Name: SMC

Release Date: 2022-02-22 20:44:47

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Product Details


SMC (sheet molding compound) is one kind of 1m width and 3~4mm thickness molding material produced by SMC machine. The finished product combines chopped fiberglass and mixed of polyester resin, fire retardant, low shrinkage additive, release agent, thickening agent and pigment. Two sides of SMC covered by polyethylene films. The finished products can be supplied in 50kg roll with carton packing or 1000kg with pallet packing. To use the SMC material, workers should cut the material, weigh it, uncover the polyethylene films from top and bottom, fold the material and place it into heated mold, we can get the SMC products under high pressure for certain time. 

We have exported it to the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Greece, Vietnam and other countries. Related technical data and content of fiberglass can be adjusted according to the customer's demand.

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