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Product Name: Epoxy Resin E-12 CAS: 61788-97-4

Release Date: 2022-07-29 10:35:33

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Product Details

Epoxy Resin E-12 CAS: 61788-97-4

Epoxy resin E-12
CAS:61788-97-4 Purity: 99%
Epoxy resin E-12 bisphenol A type medium and high molecular weight solid epoxy resin. The finished product is a pale yellow to yellow transparent solid. It has the characteristics of good chemical stability, strong adhesion and excellent electrical properties. It is used for the manufacture of pure epoxy, cyclopolymer hybrid, matt, flat, high gloss, orange grain, sand grain, wrinkle, heavy-duty anti-corrosion powder coating and epoxy ester anti-corrosion coating.
Epoxy equivalent: 600-700
Softening point: 75-85ºC
Packing: 25kg/bag
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